Our Journey to Just Can't Get Red Enough

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Our Journey to …. Just Can’t Get RED Enough!

 The year 1986 was a very historic one for the Philippines. It was highlighted by a 4-day People Power Revolution which toppled the 20-year old dictatorship.
The High School Class of 1986 was not only a living witness to this peaceful struggle but also to the years before the bloodless revolution. These years were marred by rallies, yellow ribbons and confetti, national economic boycotts, snap elections and the eventual rebirth of a nation. We saw the turn of the nation. We were there when history peacefully flipped its hopeful pages. Through all this, we had to get our heads down and do our best to earn our high school diplomas.
We made history ourselves.  We had the largest group of High School freshmen with 370 students in 1982. After 4 years, we rewrote history by being the largest group of high school graduates in its 84-year-old history. Two hundred seventy five seniors made it on stage on that momentous day.
We left the portals of the Mendiola Campus 25 years ago with a determination to face a more challenging future. We trekked different paths over the past years; thrived in our own fields in the society; and now we can say that we are all successful and accomplished in our own rights.  We are forever indebted to San Beda College for what we have become today. Our love and gratitude to our alma mater will never cease. Indeed, we are proud to be called products of Benedictine ideals and education. 
As we celebrate our Silver Jubilee and pay homage to our alma mater, it is with pride and honor that we walk back to this institution with heads raised high and sing once more … for San Beda, our country and God!
Getting Together!
Our first reunion organized for the batch was in 1991 held at the San Beda College Cafeteria, now called Dom Felipe Café. It was a well-attended affair. It became an avenue for “kamustahan” session as most of us have already graduated and earned bachelors degree. Aside from this, pocket reunions transpired between close friends and "barkadas". Chance encounters also paved the way for small gatherings among us. 
The internet brought us back together via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Until one evening, Batch '86 re-assembled. towards the latter months of year 2000. This served as a vehicle to get in touch with our “kabatch” and to group together once more. From the first month of exchanging messages ramping up to a total of 5000 emails in a span of 5 months, we decided to get together as ONE. We wasted no time in putting the group in one place and reminisce the years that has gone by so fast. Text messaging here and there; phone calls to anybody one can get hold of did the trick.
It was no ordinary Saturday evening. A group converged at Packo’s Grill located at Sgt. Esguerra Avenue in Quezon City last September 23, 2000. Thirty-four (34) gentlemen from San Beda High School Batch '86 gathered to recount debacles, enjoyments and FUN during our high school years.  Most of us sported a red shirt for very obvious reasons. The notice of wearing a red shirt, though late was heeded by the majority.  The usual "alaskahan" started as our batch mates entered the main door of Packo's Grill.  As a batch member arrives at the place, the deafening sound of exchanges of HIGH FIVES and millions of heckling immediately attracted the attention of the crowd.  Bursting tons of laughter, drinking assorted beer (from San Mig Light to Colt 45 to some Miller Genuine Draft), passing plates of pulutans (sisig, crispy pata, baked oyster, tokwa't baboy, etc....), endless reminiscing of high school adventures and misadventures, transpired until the wee hours in the morning (3:00 a.m.).
The yahoogroup was a perfect communication facility to connect everybody.  The affair was to test the power of getting the group together.  Working committees were set up to take care of organizing an Alumni Homecoming for the 15th year of SBC HS '86 in the coming days.
Our high school batch mates in the US were not to be left behind. They too, organized themselves in several occasions. That made it easier for us to be in touch with them despite our locations.
Pista ng Sto. Nino 2001 was our first activity held in San Beda College where we walked as one and made our presence felt.   
15th Year Homecoming: ‘East Meets West’
21 April 2001: The long wait was over. On that day Class 1986 celebrated its 15th Year of Homecoming as we journey towards the real thing. SBCHS ‘86 prepared a simultaneous batch reunion for those located in the Philippines with the Caliboys (California Boys). They converged in Las Vegas together with their families for the said event. Simultaneous though is an understatement as we are going to be ONE. Thanks to the internet technology. Through video conferencing, we had a night of nostalgia, camaraderie and fun.
Manila was nostalgic with the pages of Echoes ‘86 posted around the place. The event was held at the R.V. Marzan Building located in Dimasalang, Manila. We stepped into the reunion hall filled with red and white balloons with ‘The Red and the White’ song playing in the background. Everyone felt that indeed we were coming home to a familiar atmosphere minus the edifices and the grounds as well as the school icons that turned these boys into men……
Familiar faces of friends, sounds of name calling and different stories about other classmates that always ended up with a burst of boisterous laughter, filled the reunion hall that night. The presence of former mentors like Alex Lazo, Denice Jauco, Au Limcumpao and Mat Santos made this event very special in the hearts of everyone. Games and greetings and updates were the agenda for the night. Raffle draws, bottles of beers, food, games, “name calling,” stories shared and revelations of adventures were all part of that very enjoyable activity. The night was also a commemoration of the passing away of Jude Carreon, a fellow batch mate.
Caliboys on the other hand were also awake until the wee hours in the morning. They shared in the "kulitan" and the booze in one with Manila. They chatted and viewed the on-goings in Manila from Las Vegas and vice-versa. They had a 3-day family event attended by around 20 to 30 people on that part of the world.
The 2001 Reunion and homecoming was a resounding success in the eyes of many. The memories, laughter and camaraderie will always be cherished. The spirit of brotherhood has been rekindled. The challenge did not end in another 10 years. We now call ourselves Silver Jubilarians. This time we expect to be one in spirit and in presence.
The Journey to 2011 and …. Beyond!
On the occasion of the 2006 Grand Alumni Homecoming, the batch came out smoking with a statement, The Journey to 2011 and….beyond! A message to the entire alumni community that we are prepared for the challenge.
Together with High School Class of ’81, we coordinated with the other jubilarian batches in coming up with the Bedan Pride: Alumni Yearbook. We also participated in several homecoming activities that year and made every batch mate aware that the awaited time is getting closer.
Reality told us that we have a 5-year journey towards our Silver Anniversary of High School graduation. That journey has actually begun and we have to work on what we started since 2001. Journey to 2011 is a commitment for this batch to engage and come together as one towards our 25th Silver anniversary and beyond.
And the real work began!
It was not just another gathering where friends and batch mates will come, eat, drink, exchange stories and leave just like that. The 22 gentlemen who gathered at the Nipa Hut Restaurant last 18 July 2008 decided to go ahead with the Journey to 2011 and Beyond
We marked the timeline of 931 days or 133 weeks from that date to February 5, 2011. This is our BIG DAY! SBCHS’86 will celebrate its 25th Jubilee Celebration as High School graduates of San Beda College (Mendiola, Manila) and shall play hosts to the Grand Alumni Homecoming. The duration looks like to be long way to go but reality is that 2011 will come in no time. We organized ourselves so that we can start making developments just in time for 2011. We all agreed that from that day forward everybody should keep in touch and always be there to help realize our cause since this homecoming is meant for our batch.
Hosting a Grand Alumni Homecoming such as this entails effort, commitment, time, money and pulling off of all possible resources. Once the committees are in place, various activities should be organized for purposes of: 1) Keeping the batch intact and continuously in contact with each other and 2) Raise the necessary funds for our 2011 Silver Jubilee Celebration.
Kick-off: Just Can’t Get RED Enough!
The CORE group of the batch held series of meetings and gatherings to brainstorm and dream of what the Grand Alumni Homecoming 2011 will be. On top of the agenda was the homecoming theme. We want one that would shoot straight into the hearts of all Bedans. As most bedans would always say…once a Bedan…Always a Bedan. Thus, the chosen theme is one that conveys a message and the sentiments of ALL OF US!    
Putting together a total of a little less than 100 batch mates in one room even before the Grand Alumni Homecoming was a big task. Thanks to the hardworking people behind the task. We wanted to kick-off the Just Can’t Get RED Enough Homecoming theme for 2011 and seek support for our cause. 
A group of around 25 people served as the core group of the batch. They combined their efforts and resources to make the event a reality. Several meetings and organization did all this. The group worked towards a vision: gather as much people and inform them; get enough support to help raise funds; and help in anyway to make the homecoming a successful one.   
July 31, 2010 was an achievement for us. On that night, a total of almost 100 batch mates, together with their families gathered at the Lo-ok Function Room, Manila Ocean Park, Manila. Lots of pictures taken, memories reminisced, stories exchanged and sure finished bottles, barrels and even cans of drinks that night. High school classmates, whom we have never seen for quite sometime, were present. We were just too proud of the camaraderie this batch has been exhibiting through the years. 
That night, we were honored by guests. San Beda College Alumni Association (SBCAA) for 2010-2011, Jonas Florentino Cabochan gave an inspirational message for the batch. Also present to give their words of encouragement for the batch were past SBCAA President Dr. Conrad Oca, SBCAA Moderator Basil Apostol, OSB and our chaplain Andres Formilleza, OSB.
The event was meant to be more than that. Our Batch President Jesus Marzan encouraged everyone to cooperate as we prepare for the 2011 Grand Alumni Homecoming. The message was clear: as one batch we shall seek the engagement and commitment of everyone to help makeJust Can’t Get RED Enough!” a resounding success. As a sign of unity, the batch donned a silver “dog tag” to identify them and to pledge to be one and to be always one with the High School Batch of 1986.
Boodle Fight Christmas Party: A Tribute to Bedan Athlete Champions
We have been organizing our own Christmas parties ever since.  Regardless of the number of attendees be it 10, 20, 30 or 50 at the most. We try to celebrate the spirit of the season as one batch as much as possible. For 2010, we would want to pay tribute to our Bedan Athletes both in the Juniors and Seniors divisions representing various fields of sports. We salute their efforts to bring pride, honor and glory to our alma mater. They emerged as champions in their respective sports for NCAA: Season 86 as well as in the past years.
The chosen theme for the night was Boodle Fight Christmas Party. Boodle Fight is a meal feast for unity. Everybody wore the same shirt to symbolize Unity. ONE Food to share, ONE Shirt to wear for ONE San Beda.
It was December 11, 2010 at the former Army Navy Club Poolside when SBCHS’86 gave a fitting tribute to the athletes who continuously bring pride and honor in keeping the championship tradition San Beda College has been known for. Present that night were the Seniors and Juniors Basketball Team led by their outgoing team captain, Borgie “Mighty Kid” Hermida and Juniors Head Coach Brit Renoma. The seven-time champion Seniors Football Team was also there with Coach Aris Caslib; and so were the Seniors Swimming Team, Taekwondo and the Table Tennis Team and their respective coaches. A gathering of around 200 people feasted on a single dinner table using their bare hands.
Sharing the limelight of course was the fitting tribute to our Bedan Athletes. A beautifully crafted perpetual trophy was given. It will be donated to the trophy room of the school. Individual names of the champion athletes and their respective coaches were inscribed on it. The coaches and players expressed their gratitude for the recognition given by the batch.
Celebrating the Christmas with our Bedan brothers is one where friendships are rekindled.
2011 Pista ng Sto. Nino Procession
THIS IS IT! Mendiola and Concepcion Aquila Streets were flooded with banners yelling with a message, “Just Can’t Get RED Enough!”
Our high school batch was present to lead all alumni in the Sto. Nino Procession.   A total of 60 attendees from the batch, clad in red shirts attended the procession together with the Bedan community. We showed support in the tradition of the Sto. Niño procession held every year by the Bedan community . 
Grand Alumni Homecoming 2011
Our preparation to this 2011 Grand Alumni Homecoming was long journey but it was all worth it. The night belongs to our DEAR TEACHERS and ALL ALUMNI. Thank you very much for sharing the night with us and may our fellowship never cease.
Our heartfelt gratitude goes to the people, benefactors and sponsors who made this occasion possible and with great success. Our special thanks to San Beda College Alumni Association led by its Executive Director Joffre Alajar and President Jonas Florentino Cabochan for their support. We also thank the monks and the SBC administration for their very heartwarming welcome.
Congratulations to the CORE group who led SBCHS ’86: Jay Marzan, Combat Pineda, Jet Gaerlan, Marcel Chiu, YD Villacorta, Tony Francisco, Jay Viloria and the others who took the cudgels and who patiently helped us go through the journey. Thank you too to all our batch mates who have joined us in this journey and contributed their efforts. We also salute and thank all our batch mates who have joined and marched with us towards the fulfillment of this endeavor. 
The journey to our Silver strengthened our ties as Bedan Brothers. We look forward to our Golden for the next two and a half decades when we meet again… here in the Lions’ den.   SBCHS’86 shall stand true and firm: Just Can’t Get RED Enough!” ….. Never ceasing, always wanting and forever being a proud Bedan. GO SAN BEDA FIGHT !!!