Thursday January 24 , 2019
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The CHANGE Program in SBCAA

Projects - CHANGE Program

The CHANGE Program is an effort to address the results of a research study entitled Project Graduates commissioned by the SBCAA in combination with an Alumni congress (consisting of at least 50 high school batches) convened years back. In the study, comparisons between various alumni associations were completed and several action plans recommended in an effort to formulate and chart SBCAA’s journey towards an active and energetic alumni association. The congress was a very good venue for the alumni to voice out their concerns, suggest various activities and improvements they would want to see in the coming years. Several recommendations were put forward in the research and thus, the CHANGE program addresses most if not all of the recommended actions in pursuit of an engaged alumnus.

Thrusts and objectives:

The CHANGE Program of the San Beda College Alumni Association shall have the following thrust and objectives in carrying out its program of activities:

Establish an effective linkage between San Beda College, its Alumni Association and the Alumni in general;

  1. Become an efficient and effective alumni organization that will advance the goals and programs of its association for the benefit of its general membership;

  2. Promote active membership and solicit dynamic participation among the alumnus in the program of activities of the association;

  3. Institute closer bonds of brotherhood among its general membership and foster camaraderie between alumnus across geographical and institutional boundaries and social classes realizing the dream of “1sang Beda”; and

  4. Provide a vibrant awareness among the alumni network of the San Beda College Alumni Association as well as its program and activities.

The C-H-A-N-G-E

The CHANGE Program shall have the following components which are actually stand-alone initiatives each with its own objectives and expected outcomes.

C – Career Network

H – Help via Unionbank Visa Card

A – Active Membership

N – Networked Bedans

G – Global Bedista

E – Establishment Partners 

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