Saturday May 26 , 2018
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Bits of Information About St. Benedict's Medal

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St. Benedict's Medal

Bits of Information About St. Benedict's Medal
Apparently, the first idea of a Saint’s Benedict’s medal, with its actual mysterious  letters in and around it, was originated in the Benedictine Abbey of Metten, Germany. Its actual shape, called jubilarian, was coinaged by the Abbey of Montecasino, Italy, the second monastery found by Saint Benedict, on the occasion of the Saint’s XIV birth anniversary, 1880. It follows the design finally approved by Pope Benedict XIV  (1740-1745) in 1742.

This medal has the image of Saint Benedict at the back, and, in the front, a singular cross with capital letters in and around it.

As far as it is known today, the mysterious letters were first written in a miniature cross found in a manuscript written by the monks of Metten in 1414.

The meaning of the mysterious letters was made possible thanks to the declarations of some women weird, processed in Germany in 1647. During the process, the weirds declared that they could not make any damage to the Abbey of Metten because in its buildings there were many crosses with the mysterious letters found in them.    

The cross is known and honored around the world, and very especially in the mission countries. Its efficacy is due to the combination of the cross and the image of Saint Benedict, who made several and great miracles using it, as told by Pope St. Gregory I, the Great (590-604), in his life of Saint Benedict, contained in his book called Dialogues.

To St. Benedict’s medal are specially attributed powers against contagious diseases, attacks of the Devil, difficulties during pregnancy, and, in general, any sickness and evil. As a religious object, properly blessed, it deserves our greatest appreciation and devotion. 

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