Wednesday May 23 , 2018
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Message of Very Rev. Fr. Rafaelito V. Alaras, OSB

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Dear Fellow Bedans and Friends,

I congratulate the San Beda College Alumni Association for this website that will feature, among others its history, vision-mission, projects, events and personalities.

This is a most welcome development as it will facilitate a more rapid and easier communication among the Alumni all over the world and with San Beda College and the Abbey. The sense of community that we value very much will be further deepened.  We will hear fewer complaints from alumni that they are not informed about what is going on in the College and within the SBCAA and hopefully, more information will also lead to more involvement with the College and the Association.

The new administration in the College has set the tone for renewal and deepening of Benedictine values in all areas of operation.  I look forward to a reawakening of Bedan pride that is based on solid accomplishments within and outside the school campus.

Sincerely in Saint Benedict,


Very Rev. Fr. Rafaelito V. Alaras, OSB
Prior Administrator