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The Distinguished Professorial Chair Program

Professorial Chairs Donors
Luis I. Ablaza, Jr.
Distinguished Professorial Chair
in Entrepreneurship
Prof. Eunice Mareth Areola
(AY 2007-2008)
Jose G. Araullo
Distinguished Professorial Chair
in Accounting & Auditing
Prof. Joffre M. Alajar, CPA, MBA
(AY 2005-2006)
Prof. Ricardo A. Palo, CPA, MBA
(AY 2007-2008)
Eduardo M. Cojuangco, Jr.
Distinguished Professorial Chair
in Social Sciences/ Languages/
Health Science
Dr. Teresita A. Pedrajas
(AY 1998-1999)
Dr. Imelda C. Santiago
(AY 2004-2005)
Dean Tessie R. Da Jose, RN, MAN
(AY 2007-2008)
Robert G. Coyiuto, Jr.
Distinguished Professorial Chair
In Marketing and Corporate
Dr. Ma. Victoria Ac-Ac
(AY 2007-2008)
Andrew L. Gotianun Sr.
Distinguished Professorial Chair
Awardee in Business:
Dr. Felina C. Young
(AY 1998-1999)
Awardee in Development Studies:
Dr.Tita Evasco-Branzuela
( AY 2004-2005)
Awardee in Social Science:
Dr. James T. Piscos
(AY 2007-2008)
Arthur P. Macapagal
Distinguished Professorial Chair in Business and Economics

Arthur P. Tugade
Distinguished Professorial Chair
in Legal Management

George T. Yang
Distinguished Professorial Chair in Business Management

Raul S. Roco
Distinguished Professorial Chair
in Philosophy, Literature and

Jesus P. Francisco
Distinguished Professorial Chair
in Environmental Management


Dr. Ramon Ricardo A. Roque

Professorial Chair in Banking
(Financial Institutional Management)

Eugenio Lopez, Jr.

Distinguished Professorial
Research Chair 


              Capt. Gregorio S. Oca
         Distinguished Professorial Chair
                 in Labor Relations



San Beda College remains committed to providing assistance to its faculty members to fulfill their vocations to lead, to teach, to become advocates of new knowledge and be witnesses of Christ.
To achieve this end, the College commits to promote the Benedictine ideals of prayer (ora) and work (labora), and the Bedan values of faith (fides), knowledge (scientia) and virtues (virtus) among its faculty members.
Sharing in the aforecited mission, the San Beda College Alumni Foundation (SBCAF) forges a partnership with the College in assisting its educators to grow in the profession and apostolate of teaching; and contribute much to the advancement of knowledge and culture.
The SBCAF shares also in the belief that a school can only be as good as its faculty members. Thus, the SBCAF serves as a formidable partner of the College in providing concrete structures that will ensure that only the best and the brightest academicians are recruited and maintained in its roster of educators.
One such structure is the establishment and maintenance of a PROFESSORIAL CHAIR PROGRAM. Effective Ay 2006-2007, the SBCAF is opening its Professorial Chair Program to various academic departments, namely: the College of Arts and Sciences, College of Nursing, College of Medicine, College of Law, high School and Grade School departments.
The history of world universities through the centuries frequently makes mention of Chairs as being an integral component of these institutions. From the illustrious catedraticos of Spanish Universities, Chairs have served to assist educational institutions.
While involving the recognition of meritorious service and highlighting such in a prestigious manner, Chairs have served to contribute concretely to the attempts of universities to compete, in an active fashion, with entities and industry for the talents and expertise of capable educators. Through the instrumentality of the Chair, the institutions of higher learning have been able to attract and hold persons of experience and ability. In effect, the Fund generated by Professorial Chair Program made it possible for Universities to support salary differentials, research staff, personnel, etc.  Thus, schools have been in a better position to vie for experienced capability.
A Chair is a term used in educational institutions to denote an office or position of dignity and prestige. The holder of this position enjoys various privileges such as a formal title, a stipend supplemental to one’s basic salary, staff support, research support, etc.
A person is selected to be a holder of a Chair in recognition of outstanding service to the institution. Both academic and administrative service can thus be recognized and honored for a professorial and administrative chair, respectively.
The Professorial Chair Program administered by the SBCAF is an endowment fund that lends support to distinguished educators in their instructional, community outreach, and research pursuits, in San Beda College. The endowment fund is built up by generous individuals, a number of whom are Bedan alumni.
The faculty member awarded a Professorial Chair is given a fund to enhance classroom instruction, engage in community outreach or produce a research paper.
In general, San Beda College acknowledges its need for capable and experienced personnel as much as does industry. Through a Chairs Program and other kinds of endowments, it hopes to remain competitive and thus continue to provide educational leadership and service to the Philippines.
Specifically, with the Chairs Program, the College will be able to:
1.Attract highly qualified persons through salary schemes that are competitive within the industry;
2.Encourage and stimulate scholarship and professionalism within the College campus;
3.Make available additional allowances to the basic salary of qualified professors and administrators;
4.Provide additional funding to support academic programs and projects such as: research, hiring of additional research personnel, among others;
5.Duly recognize meritorious service to the academic community with concrete financial and other tangibles.
6.Knowledge outstanding service and dedication to the institution with appropriate dignity and honor.
Through the Professorial Chair Program, the SBCAF will be able to assist San Beda College in —
a)Attracting and retaining top caliber faculty members by providing then with fund incentives to augment their monthly salary;
b)Recognizing meritorious service to the Academic Community of faculty members;
c)Providing additional funds to support the community service and research outputs of the faculty members.
A. Establishment of a Professorial Chair
1) The SBCAF invites a Bedan or any benefactor who would like to perpetuate the memory of a loved one to establish an endowment fund.
2) The required donation to finance a professorial chair is at least one million pesos.
3) The donation is invested by the SBCAF in a bank, and only the earnings from such an investment are given to the chairholder chosen by the SBCAF, as recommended
    by the College. Funding of the endowment is usually accomplished in either of two ways:
    a) The donation is made in full. The amount (principal) is then invested for one year. The earnings of the investment are made available for a specific purpose as
         agreed upon by the donor and the College.
    b) The donation is made in installments over a specified period of time (x months or x years). In such an arrangement, part of the donation is allocated to building up the
        principal, while the remaining amount is utilized to fund (partially or in full) the specific purpose desired. Thus, the principal is gradually built up to the total endowment
        proposed, while yearly expenses for a specific purpose are provided annually.
B. Types of Professorial Chair
     The SBCAF classifies the Professorial Chair, viz:
1)  Professorial Chair for Research Undertaking - This type of professorial chair supports the work of a distinguished faculty member in the interest of outstanding research in
     any academic field.
2)  Professorial Chair for Outstanding Instruction - This type of professorial chair supports the work of a distinguished faculty member in the interest of outstanding instruction
     shown in the continued dedicated and committed teaching service of a faculty member.
3)  Professorial Chair for Community Service - This type of professorial chair supports the work of a distinguished faculty member in the interest of community service.
C. Qualifications of a Professorial Chairholder
     The nominee for a Professorial Chairholder must possess the following:
1)  Should be at least a masteral degree holder or a holder of a professorial license (e.g. CPA, lawyer)
2)  Must have an academic rank of at least an “Assistant Professor
3)  Must be teaching in any of the aforecited academic departments on a full-time or full-load basis for at least three consecutive years; or as a last priority, teaching on a
     part-time basis for at least five consecutive years.
4)  Must have demonstrated excellent teaching capability through obtaining “Very Good to Excellent” rating from the Teachers Behavioral Inventory (TBI) and Administrators’
     Evaluation for the past five years.
5) Must have demonstrated professorial excellence and leadership as well as active participation in both academic and non-academic programs within the school and outside.
D. Benefits/ Privileges of a Chairholder
1) Upon granting of the title, a Chairholder receives an amount equivalent to FIVE THOUSAND PESOS (Php5,000.00) per month or Php 60,000.00 for a period of one year.
2) A chairholder receives another equivalent amount of one month’s basic salary which is added to his/her retirement fund.
3) A Chairholder is given priority to teach subjects in his/her area of specialization
4) The College will honor a Chairholder upon his/her retirement with a symbol of appreciation for services rendered to the College.
E. Duties and Responsibilities of a Chairholder
1) To serve as an exemplary model and according to the highest standards of professionalism.
2) To be active in both the academic and non-academic functions of the College.
3) To perform other functions related to his/her field of work as may be determined by the SBCAF Professorial Chair Committee.
4) At the end of the school year, the Chairholder is required to submit to the SBCAF Professorial Chair Committee, an activity report as a Professorial Chairholder.
5) At the end of the school year, the Chairholder is required to deliver a lecture before the College faculty, or submit a research paper to the Professorial Chair Committee.
F. Procedures for Conferment of Professorial Chair
1) The SBC Alumni Foundation will inform the academic department head concerned about the opening of nominations for the Distinguished Professorial Chairs.
2) The concerned Dean will convene the department head concerned Professorial Chair Committee to accept nominations for the various Distinguished Professorial Chairs.
3) The department Professorial Chair Committee will then convene and deliberate on the nominations submitted. A simple majority vote is required for the nominee to become a
4) The department Professorial Chair Committee will submit its report and recommended Chairholder to the Dean.
5) The department head will endorse the recommended Chairholder to the SBC Alumni Foundation (SBCAF)
6) The SBCAF President will convene the SBCAF Professorial Chair Committee to confirm the recommended Chairholder of the academic department.

      The SBCAF President will inform the chosen chairholder about the Professorial Chair award to be bestowed during fitting rites.










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